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USA Gunman shoots killed 9 at Oregon College

USA Gunman shoots killed 9 at Oregon College

USA president Obama says condolence for the victims in the serial shooting by a man at the Oregon College on Thursday.

'Our thoughts and Prayers not enough', says Obama. Obama delivers his emotional and angry speech in White House as 'Each time this happens, I am going to say that we can actually do something about it, but we're going to have to change our laws.'

Obama also stated it has become routine, we can't escape saying the gunman is mentally affected. It was frequently happening in USA and our country is in leading position in Gun shooting death. The Countries which has the strict rules on Gun has very less death on Gun shooting. How can gun be safety when the incidents are frequently happening like these So Government is about to bring the strict law against Gun handling. Other countries also have mental health issues but none handles Gun shooting says Obama.

Obama called back the shooting incidents happened in 2012 at the elementary school in Newtown.

Bill O'Reilly, an American political commentator messaged to president Obama 'I have right to protect myself'.

A 26 year old man named Harper-Mercer who was enrolled as a student in that College shot 9 people in the Umpqua Community College at Roseburg including one teacher. He had done mass shooting and many were severely wounded. Police force came immediately after the incident and fired against the gunman. Finally gunman was shot by the policeman.

The motive of this mass gunshot is not revealed until now by the US police department. When police inquired about him they got negative things about the gunman. They found out guns and rifles in his apartment which are licensed. The friends and relatives of the gunman says he is hard and sensitive to things and neighbor described him as Skittish and he gets bad vibes from him.

USA Gunman shoots killed 9 at Oregon College

USA Gunman shoots killed 9 at Oregon College