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Saving Environment Is Mandatory: World Environment Day

Saving Environment Is Mandatory: World Environment Day

Every year June 5th is marked as a World Environment Day. The Day was first marked in 1972. To connect people and nature this day was created.

Today several volunteers are coming forward to clean their environment all over the world. Several countries urge their people to clean and protect the environment. The government takes several steps to hike the people’s interest and create awareness.

Indian government and politician shared the messages on the twitter handles. Several social activists and people have planted trees in their surroundings today.

The climate worldwide is getting worst day by day. It is keen to follow the rules regarding the nature and mandatory to plane trees and create forest across the globe. India is affected by severe water crisis and it would be worst if the present situation continues. As per the sources there is no needed rainfall, proper rainwater harvest and water management system in the country.

Everyone should do a bit to save environment either by planting or cleaning the water resources or even by picking up a litter in the gardens and surroundings. We can now see some important tweets.

Saving Environment Is Mandatory: World Environment Day

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