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Future Wars Over Water? - World Water Day

Future Wars Over Water - World Water Day

Every year on March 22nd is celebrated as World Water Day. The world experts warn the people about the water scarcity is increasing day by day. As a reflection of global warming, deforestation and pollution the fresh water level across the global is decreasing.

War on Water

According to the World Bank wars of this century will be fought over water, if the wars of the 20th century were fought over oil.

The United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan warns 'Fierce competition for fresh water may well become a source of conflict and wars in the future'

The Economist stated 'Water shortages will grow even more serious; the stuff of future wars.. With 3.5 billion people affected by water shortages by 2050, conditions are ripe for a century of water conflicts.

Shocking facts about water

- As per some sources 783 million people do not have safe drinking water and almost 2.5 hillion do not have access to adequate sanitation.

-85 percent of the world population lives in driest half of the planet.

-6 to 8 million people die annually from the consequences of disasters and water-related diseases.

-80 percent of the water is wasted and it reaches the nature untreated. Reducing and recycling the waste water makes changes to the world.

In India

-63 million in India do not have access to clean water. 76 million of Indians do not have safe drinking water.

-Polluted rivers, poor storage infrastructure, lack of government planning, increasing demands, un cared lakes and well, less rainfall takes people in tough time.

-The country faces the challenge of ensuring water security for the growing population.

-As per WaterAid report; 27 out of the 35 states and union territories in India is in disaster prone and poorest in water resources.

-India receives annual rainfall of 1170 mm but only stores 6% of it while developed nations store 250% of their annual rainfall.

Future Wars Over Water - World Water Day

Future Wars Over Water? - World Water Day

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