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World Water Day 2016 Conserve Water

World Water Day 2016 Conserve Water

World Water Day 2016 Conserve Water

Today world is not in position to celebrate World Water Day because the demand for water increases and availability of water decreases day by day. Today about 650 million people across the world are in need of safe water to drink. As per the report one in 10 people is in need of clean water in the world. They have no source of safe water. They are in high risk of infections in drinking contaminated water.

In the dry areas of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Punjab people carries water from the distant place. They are waiting for a long time in the well to fetch the water. Some people are collecting waters from the polluted area and from the submerged water pump in slum. It happens in many states of India.

This year United Nations focus on the water and the jobs. It plans how water can create paid job for people in making greener and sustainable development.

In some states in India men marries more than one woman only for shake of carrying water from the distance area. This derogatory situation was made as documentary film as Water Wives.

Several countries face severe water scarcity. In Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby capital) and Antananarivo (Madagascar capital) people pay almost half of their daily income to get minimum of 50 litres of water.

On the other side some developed nation gifted with water supplies officially through pipelines with low cost of 0.1% of their income. These people frequently use the water with average of about 150 litres per day for a person.

It is said about maximum water in the world are used for industries and agriculture. It is reported that coal industry absorb water from the air. The smoke emitted (fossil fuels) from the factories is the main cause of pollution, global warming and dry air in the world. Another one is deforestation of our tropical forest, several millions tress are cut down illegally or illegally across the world. Researchers say that the temperature was increased from 0.3-0.6°C compared to last century. As per the Forecast the temperature will increase rapidly as 0.5-2°C by 2030 and 1-7°C by 2070.

It is a severe threat for whole living organism in the world including humans. If this situation continues almost all people will face water scarcity in the near future.

*We should not waste even a drop of water. Every single drop is precious resource.

*Rain water harvesting is another good method to conserve water.

*Focus of Forestation. Planning tree siblings everywhere increases rainfall and reduce global warming.

*Sealing industries that pollute the water and that emits polluted smokes.

World Water Day 2016 Conserve Water

World Water Day 2016 Conserve Water