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Young girl saved her life from air crash

Young girl saved her life from air crash

The 16 years old girl who traveled with her grandparent met an air crash into the mountains. She tried saving her grandparent from the fire in no use.

The girl with her grandparent traveled from Montana to Washington states in the air planed crashed On North Cascade Mountains. Plane got fire and she tried to save her grandparent by pulling them out. She said 'I was trying to pull them out and I just couldn't do it. There was too much fire and I'm a small person.' in the interview with CNN.

After that she tried to save herself. She remembered the TV Shows where they give Survival tips and she followed that. Her message in CNN is 'Going downhill and finding bodies of water always leads to civilization.'

She found the little bit of water going down the hill and she followed it for hours together. She traveled for 2 days more than 150 miles and finally she found the highway. She got help from the men who passed by car and admitted in the hospital for treatment.

The cause of the accident is said that there is no clear vision, there was heavy smoke and their GPS did not work.

In the same way on January 2015, a 'Little Brave Girl' who came out from the flight crash which killed 4 persons including her parents. The little girl who is 7 years old injured severely in the crash. She came to the nearby house and informed about the air crash and got the help.

Kentucky State Police said that it was a miracle in a sense that she survived and tragic for four other people didn't.

Young girl saved her life from air crash

[caption id='attachment_147' align='alignnone' width='300']Young girl saved her life from air crash Pictured are Leland Bowman, 62, and his wife, Sharon Bowman, 63, of Marion, Montana, with the plane that is missing. © Washington Department of Transportation[/caption]

[caption id='attachment_148' align='alignnone' width='225']Young girl saved her life from air crash Autum Veatch in her hospital room Monday night with dad. © Sara Esperance[/caption]

Young girl saved her life from air crash