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Zika Virus Vaccine Found in India

Zika Virus Vaccine Found in India

Zika Virus Vaccine Found in India

Brazil is the country which is worst affected by this virus. About 3700 people were suspected to be affected by Zika virus. If the virus is found in pregnant ladies babies head and brain is found to be affected. Babies get small heads than normal.

It has been found in other parts of world also. Two cases in Australia were found and also in Texas at U.S and in Republic of Ireland. In US, it is reported that the virus infected with the sexual contact. The affected person had not traveled to the Zika infected country but another person had traveled. The person traveling to the infected areas were warned about the Zika virus.

Zika is carried by the mosquitoes. It is spreading throughout the world and World Heath Organizations declared it as the global public health emergency. The infection is suspected to spreading to thousands of people. Several babies are born with underdeveloped brain and small heads. Some areas are declared as state of emergency.


For Adults, the symptoms will be mild either in headache, fever, joint pain and sore eyes. So far there is no vaccine and no medicine to this virus. Patients are advised to take plenty of water.

How it spreads

It is spread by Aedes Mosquitoes. It is reported the person was infected through sexual contacts of person who is already infected and from infected mother to baby.

Vaccine Found in India

It is reported that more than 20 countries in Latin America has the outbreak of this virus. Bharat Biotech International ltd in Hyderabad claims that it had patent rights of Zika virus. Managing Director of the company Dr. Krishna Ella says we are first to file Zika virus vaccine patent nine months ago.

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) came forward to help Dr. Ella. They request government must take step to carry this vaccine to the affected areas. He says his company can do about one million vaccines in about 4 months.

Zika Virus Vaccine Found in India