Students and Parents exposed to halogen lights at Erwadi

Students and parents got to meet with eye problem on the very next day after a school annual day function that held at Earvadi of Ramnad district on Friday.

Unexpectedly, more than 100 including children and parents got affected with red eyes and eye bee or water oozing because of high power density halogen bulbs that used in the annual day function of S.V. Hindhu Primary School in Erwadi.

Following this, Parents came back with their children today morning and sieged the school’s campus. The affected children and parents had been admitted to Aravind Eye Hospital at Tirunelveli for treatment. All the treatments related arrangements were done by the School Management in order to hide the mitigate what happened to the students and their parents.

The doctors of the Aravind Eye Hospital had reported that the gas came out from the high-density halogen bulbs might be the cause of the irritation for their eyes. the doctors also confirmed that students and their parents would get well as soon as possible.

According to some research reports, human eyes wanted to be managed between 1000-1400 lumens (luminous intensity) for proper vision. A halogen bulb is about 20 percent more efficient than an ordinary incandescent bulb of the same voltage, wattage and life expectancy.

Halogen bulbs are boosted up with halogen gas like Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine and Iodine inside it while normal bulbs don’t have any such gas like the above. It is because of the halogen gas, the bulbs glow brightest. But, it should be ensured that no gas leakage occurs from these bulbs.

Health hazards of halogen gas exposure will be fatal than expected. Often the exposure will cause irritation in the respiratory system. When it concerned with the light it causes severe retinal damage like irritation, redness and sometimes even more fatal like blindness. These type of problems are also caused by the CFL and LED bulbs with extreme brightness is to be noted.

Recently in Chhattisgarh, nearly 80 people were reported to an Ophthalmologist for irritation, redness and pain after they came out from a public meeting where they have used halogen lights.

Police are investigating the case seriously to ensure, no such kind of faults in school events in future.

Avengers infinity war trailer story line

Avengers Infinity War trailer is out with infinite goosebumps.

Iron-Man and Captian never failed to impress us in their every film. But Chris Evans turned up to present from the past with rough rolling eyeballs and roguelike beard. This time Ironman seems backed up with Veronica more than once in the Infinity war. Those two guys never failed to impress but this guy never failed to make laugh us. He is none other than Spider-Man made his fall from the empire state building again.

Apart from them all time favourite Thor, Hulk, Black Panther, Black Widow, Doctor Strange winter soldier and the Guardians of the Galaxy with their baby Groot, he didn’t grow up a little yet since the past two years. It seems too many superheroes gathered against one villain ‘Thanos’. Even though Marvel used the name Thanos in a past marvel movie as just a hint Thanos looks even more terrific to see.

The marvel released the trailer of Infinity war to show that just a few days they got to make the screens arcoss the world. The trailer itself seems creepy that its starting with the villain introduction and his plan with the infinity gauntlet like one on the forehead of vision just to wipe out the universe.

Now we can consider it as a terrific and extrodinary mission movie in the Marvel history but with the same old concept, “saving the world”.

Marvel sets April 27th of this year to screen the war worldwide with 22 superheroes against one and only villain Thanos who is ruining the universe for collecting the six infinity stones.

Car suicide bombing at Kabul Killed at least three

A state run news agency of Afghanistan had reported that at least three have been killed in the recent bomb blast at Afghan capital Kabul around 9 Am on this Saturday.

Police officials of Kabul reported the press that a suicide car bombing held at Kabul targeting the foreign security contractor company has just claimed by Taliban. The blast had killed three and wounded at least 4 said the Interior Ministry of Afghanistan.

The police officials have said that this blast was a minor blast while compared with other bombings that happened in the past. the Taliban has just claimed the Blast but the real reason for the blast is under investigation.

All the assailants of the latest bomb blast were common civilians none of the contractors has been killed in the blast is to be noted.

Recently Kabul was largely targeted by the terrorist organizations of Afghanistan. Even though Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defence taking more efforts to control these like attacks that killing just the civilians but the effort is not just worth it. The attacks and death of civilians just continuing still.

Nirmala Sitharaman held a meeting session at Trichirapalli

The central government has planned to set up two new defence corridors. One in Uttar Pradesh and one in Tamil Nadu. To develop and increase the manufacture of defence products, the Indian government in its latest union budget sanctioned the idea of placing some more defence corridors following the “Makein India” project.

On Friday Regarding the setup of defence corridors, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has held a meeting at Trichy with local industries to take their feedback about the setup and production of defence products indigenously. According to the Ministry of Defence, a corridor is planned to place up in Tamil Nadu by connecting major cities like Chennai, Hosur, Selam, Coimbatore and Trichy.

Around 200 defence representatives were presented at the Trichy meeting on Friday. In that meet, Nirmala Sitharaman said that the Trichy is one of the existing ecosystems to discuss the ideas of defence corridor. She also said the Defence Ministry has planned to conduct a DefExpo on defence products and needs at Mahabalipuram in the dates of April 11 to 14 of this year. She invited local industries to make their presence at the Expo to showcase their products. Previously a DefExpo had been conducted by the Ministry at Coimbatore last month is to be noted.

She said that the defence corridor will closely encourage the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to work with Defence Public Sector in future.

The Defence officials said that Tamil Nadu was a chosen ecosystem for the setup defence corridor as it was already been expertise in components designing and manufacturing. The defence ministry has planned to revitalize the DPSUs across Tamil Nadu with more concentration of Ordnance Factory of Trichirapalli(OFT).

Finally, Sitharaman said as soon as possible Tamil Nadu will pose as a hub for defence production in South East Asia.

OLA and UBER cab drivers threatening a strike from Sunday

Sanjay Naik from Maharashtra’s Navnirman Vahatuk Sena who is organizing the of Ola and UBER drivers’ strike from Mumbai told the press that the cab drivers who are afflicted with Ola and UBER companies have planned to go on strike from Midnight of March 18, 2018.

He said in detail that the Ola and UBER companies are giving first priority to the company owned cars than the driver-owned vehicles. The company is creating an unequal valued environment among the cab drivers and their priority to the company owned vehicles causing deep fall in the drivers business.

He continued that initially, the companies have assured the private drivers that they could make around Rs.1.5 lakh per month but due to the failed management of these companies the drivers could not make even half of the above-prescribed revenue. The drivers have invested nearly Rs.5-7 lakh following the trust is given by the companies previously. But now due to their unpaid debts. their vehicles have been ceased by the companies those who given a loan to the drivers.

In addition to that, the taxi companies have offered loan to the drivers through the Mudra scheme. That too has not been covered yet and seems like an extra burden for the drivers, said the strike organizer.

The drivers requesting the transport department to intervene the crisis and that should take appropriate action against those taxi companies. The organizer said if those taxi companies failed to meet the demands of their drivers that the drivers will step into an indefinite strike from midnight of March 18.

How Kamal Haasan Slapped TN Budget With A Survey List

The state ruling AIADMK had proposed the yearly budget on March 15, 2018, for the year 2018-2019. Opposite parties like DMK, Tamil Nadu Congress boycotted the budget session within few minutes after the proposal started in the assembly. DMK’s leader M K Stalin criticized the budget as a mirage of Tamil Nadu ruling party. But everyone expected Kamal Haasan’s comments over the budget 2018 but he didn’t make any comments or tweets on the day.

Today March 16, 2018, Kamal Haasan posted a brief review of Tamil Nadu Budget that proposed by AIADMK on the previous day. He started his review with a statement that he wanted to make some research over the past and present budget that proposed by the ruling party of Tamil Nadu. Hence his reviews over the Financial Report of Tamil Nadu government become delayed to show out.

Never Mind! It’s just a photocopy
Kamal Haasan said the budget that proposed was just a photocopy of the previous budget except the “Thiru Kural” because the proposal consists of no special regarding towards farmers, weavers and fishermen. He completed the first statement with a phrase with his own way of unique criticism that “My people deserve better representatives to script their future”.

Crisis of unemployment
He questioned the government about the unemployment and skill development of the youngsters of Tamil Nadu by citing the Employment Exchange reports that claims nearly 1 crore youngster of the state is wandering without any job. Meanwhile, the government said only 4 lakh students were skilled out in the past seven years and out them 1 lakh were placed in jobs.

Illusions of development
He questioned the budget allocations of Rs. 550 crores on Athikadavu and Kudimaramath projects that will give an illusion of development for the citizens of Western Tamil Nadu again as like the previous year. And around Rs. 27000 crores were spent on the school education but the allocation failed to keep Tamil kids in the backstage in the nation’s school education, he pointed out in his review.

Are we expecting too much?
He requested the state’s rulers to consider developing the local industries without corruption and delay within the upcoming global investor summit. His request is based on the survey he did, regarding the previous global investor meet of 2015. He questioned that around Rs.2,42,000 crores had been committed with the previous meet but only 62,738 crores have been gone for implementation but where the remaining Rs.1.72 Lakh crores have gone? The previous allocations for making Chennai a mega city had placed the city at the 5th place among 23 cities of India. But unfortunately, 5th from the last position.

A statement, by keeping his rationality aside…
Initially, more than 1000 idols have gone untraceable in past few years. Still, there is action over them and no allocations for the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Board in the budget. Hence the prescribed board will go vanished soon in the future as same like the idols.

Failed to get the trust of people.
The wakf board that looking for the welfare of minority people of the state who constitute nearly 70% of the state’s population. The board’s election had been stopped a long ago then how come a minority will keep a trust over the failure government that failed to keep up the elections without any fail. The hardest part is the lethargic and failure governance lead to the result of RS.45, 000 depts on each Tamilan head in past 8 years.

From the Above reviews, it seems Kamal Haasan is questioning the government of Tamil Nadu, like whether they proposed a budget or just a report on financial expenditures of Tamil Nadu cabinet personalities?

Center Vowed Supreme Court That It Will Not Touch Ram Sethu

The central government had made a Promise in Supreme Court on Friday that Ram Sethu or Adam’s Bridge won’t be destroyed for the Sethusamuthra project at the Palk Straight.

The Central Ruling BJP had appeared today in the Supreme Court bench led by Chief Justice Deepak Mishra with an affidavit filed to reply Subramanian Swamy’s petition. Subramanian Swamy filed a stay petition over the Sethusamutharm canal project that was planned to build on Ram Sethu at Palk Straight. The centre said that as an interest of the Nation the quit the idea of dismantling Ram Sethu for the Shipping canal project and the centre is planning for another alternative plan for the project that won’t disturb the Adam’s Bridge or Ram Sethu.

Ram Sethu is a “Mythological Bridge” that considered to be built by Lord Ram during the Ramayana era. It was often called as Rama Bridge. The Sethusamuthram Project is a shipping canal project through the Rama Bridge that was proposed in the period of Congress rule at central government and DMK rule at Tamil Nadu state government a decade ago.

Once, the Ram Sethu played as a primary matchstick that lights the collusion between Theists and Atheists of India about the Ram Sethu’s construction work and its engineers. Some believe that the bridge was completely built by Rama and his Vanara Sena (An army of Monkeys). Some people in politics even started to fight that the Sethusamuthram project will collapse down the evidence of Lord Rama’s existence and debated for the project’s stay but they failed to open their mouth for the destruction of Babri Masjid.

In a previous research, a group of scientist claimed that the Ram Sethu is about 5000 years old however the discovery had coincided with the period of Ramayana by some people. But again a few months back a group of research scholars from Madras University collected the samples from the Ram Sethu at its various places and reported that the age of Ram Sethu was even older than everyone taught.

The research scholars said that it was 18,400 years old and also extended their view that some of its regions have been slipped off from the adherence might be due to an earthquake. But geographically the area was considered as a seismically passive region that no quake or tsunami could hit. But the scholars submitted some records of Indonesian science articles that poured out with the evidence of an extreme magnitude earthquake in the region of Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand about 700 years back. Again the calculated new age of Ram Sethu had pushed up the debate between the believers and non-believers of god over the existence of Lord Rama.

TDP Declared Its Breakup With BJP Officially Today

TDP declared its breakup with BJP officially. Finally, TDP roared up and stepped out from the NDA.

TDP decided to step out from BJP the National Democratic Alliance. Reports claiming that the decision has been taken in the TDP’s polite bureau meeting on Friday, March 16, 2018. The news about the relationship breaking of TDP and BJP were moistening the air for the past few months in a way of left or right. But today the party had officially announced that the decision will be made soon by the leaders of their party.

The party source also claiming that after lifting out from the NDA the TDP will support the decision made by YSRCP’s “no Trust Motion” against BJP. The motion may get accepted or not in the Lok Sabha but the TDP decided to support the motion just to highlight their demands and the action is not a political but as a state’s concern, said the report from the party.

On Thursday, YSRCP has tabled the notice over the no confidence motion against BJP in Lok Sabha by YSRCP MP, Y.V. Subba Reddy. Following the tabled notice on motion Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu arranged the emergency meeting on Friday. Seems Mr.Naidu considered it as the right time for their next move.

After the central ruling party BJP failed to keep up their promise vowed to Andhra Pradesh during the time of election like Amaravathi Project, Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh and more the state and the state’s ruling party TDP seems fed enough with regression and ignorance with the NDA. Protests of the state’s people and the minister of TDP at parliament kept uproaring for a few past months after the central proposed its final Budget. Apparently, the whole thing started after the proposal of the Union Budget that proposed in 2018.

Recently the TDP’s chief and the state’s chief Chandrababu Naidu made his MPs to quit their positions from the central cabinet just to show their opposition against the BJP. Now the TDP itself made its quit out from the NDA and published a notice about their support for the No Trust motion headed by YSRCP on March 16, 2018.

More Plastic Particles In Bottled Water Than Tap Water

More plastic particles in bottled water than tap water: WHO

The spokesperson of WHO told the press that the scientists have found more plastic particles in the bottled drinking water that resulted in twice the amount of plastic particles in tap water that was calculated previously.

WHO joined its hands with a reputed private news agency that based in Washington DC and arranged a combined journalism project with some scientists based at the State University of New York in Fredonia just to analyses the Bottled Drinking Water. The scientists took the samples of almost 259 bottles from various locations across various countries. The interesting part of that was they took the samples of many leading brands water bottles for their project.

The project scientists got themselves astonished when the test results appeared. Then they wrote to the WHO that they found only 17 brands out of 259 brands of bottled drinking water are free from microplastic fibre particles. They said they have found nearly 314 microplastic particles that size below 100 microns in every single litre of bottled water.

The scientist included brands like Coca-Cola, Bisleri, Aquafina, and Nestle in their checklist which are the brands almost half of the world’s population prefers for their thirst.

The Spokesperson of WHO answered the question of a press person about the health issues that occur over the lifetime consumption of microplastic fibres through food and water and any means. He said there is a safe limit for any health issue but before considering the safe limit we have to consider the mentioning of safe limit average. But unfortunately, no researches had been carried out to determine the safe limit since now.

He continued that the people of the world started to consider the microplastics in bottled drinking water.

It may be considered again by the world governments as more serious when humans consumption of microplastics crosses the safe limit when the safe limit thing is discovered in future. Now just we have to stay calm for that moment.

Dawood ask Arthur Road Jail for his Surrender

Dawood ask Arthur Road Jail for his Surrender

“I will offer my surrender only if you offer me the Arthur Road Jail”. The most wanted Dhadha of India Dawood Ibrahim had made a statement through his brother that he was keen to return to India only if the court offers him the Arthur Road Jail.

On Tuesday, March 7, 2018, Shyam Keswani who represented Iqbal Kaskar, brother of don Dawood in an extortion case spoke to the press outside the Thane court. Keswani said that Iqbal had conveyed to the judge that Dawood was keen to return to India if only the Indian government offer him the Arthur Road jail of Mumbai the so-called highly secured jail of India.

Dawood had already conveyed the message before through Ram Jethmalani mediator of Dawood and one of the highest paid Indian lawyers. But the India Government had refused the offer as they never wanted to negotiate a criminal but they can’t able to arrest him without his permission and even can’t locate him too.

Keswani said that Keskar conveyed to judge that Dawood had contacted him via phone and said his opinion of returning India. When the judge asked Keskar about the phone number of Dawood that would have been displayed in while he called. But Keskar said there was none and he didn’t even know where Dawood is hiding.

This discussion between the court and Kasker happened when Thane police requested take Keskar in police custody for his third extortion case.

The police department had announced a bounty for information.

Dawood ask Arthur Road Jail for his Surrender

The police department had announced a bounty for information

The police department had announced a bounty for information.

After thirteen days of zero lead in Dalit family assault case of Viluppuram, police have announced a bounty for any information regarding the criminals involved in the case. Its almost two weeks since a group of mobs had killed a 10 years old boy, sexually assaulted his sister and brutally attacked his mother and sister in a village known as Vellamputhur in Villupuram district.

The 10 years old boy had been killed with a sharp cut in his thought and his sister and mother were brutally smashed in their face and left in an unconscious state. The police have filed a case and started their investigation with a suspicion initially that the act of brutalism may be a communal revenge as the family belongs to a low-class community and the family had a clash with a higher class community people.

Later the investigation had taken a different path that the sexual assaulting may be the main reason for the crime. But police left with no clue to define a valued reason in the case.

The expectation and rage among the public about the case had been reflected in social media and dailies. Apart from the social media many political parties and leaders have shown their strong condemning and criticism over the lethargic motion of the police department of the district.

On Monday the Jayakumar Superindent of Police, Viluppuram district had announced a bounty for information in the case in expectation of any positive lead. Due to the heavy pressure on one side and a land sliding path of the case had insisted the police department to flag a bounty for any information regarding the case.

Sunny and Weber now parenting twin boys from surrogacy.

The police department had announced a bounty for information

Sunny and Weber is now parenting for twin boys

Sunny and Weber now parenting twin boys from surrogacy.

The star who grasped Bollywood film industry with extreme fan base across the country now became a mother of twin boy kids with help of surrogacy. Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel weber had adopted twin boy kids who born from surrogacy method.

Last year Weber and Sunny had adopted a 21-months old baby girl from Maharastra. They name her Nisha Kaur Weber and started their life of parenting. Now they again announced on twitter about their twin boys Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh weber.

Sunny has tweeted that the Asher and Noah are their twin boys who were born a few weeks ago. She cleared that Sunny and Weber chose surrogacy method for adding another two kids to their family. She said that now Weber and Sunny are proud parents of three beautiful children.

Daniel Weber had shared the pic of his family with new twin kids and said that it is a new chapter of life for him with Karen(Sunny), Nisha, Noah, and Asher. Seems the whole family overloaded with cuteness.

Surrogacy is a method of an agreement that a woman agreed to carry an Infant for another mother who can’t able to hold an infant in her ovum medically. The medically infertile mother can have the infant after their birth as per the agreement signed before.

Sunny also tweeted that she and Weber had planned for surrogacy method a few years back but the twin kids were something like God’s plan to afflict them with a large family that the moment was so special for her and Weber.

Atrocities of fake cop Ashok Pandiyan in Chennai

Sunny and Weber now parenting twin boys from surrogacy

Atrocities of fake cop Ashok Pandiyan in Chennai

Atrocities of fake cop Ashok Pandiyan in Chennai.

Chennai city police department had arrested a fake cop who acted as a Sub-Inspector and bagged more than enough bribe in two months. Ashoke a 28 years old young man hailed from Coimbatore to Chennai a year back. He started to act as a cop to the public for grabbing bribes from them and bagged almost 60,000 in two months.

Ashok had given further details of his police project during further interrogation. He said that he began the project before two months when he wore the cop uniform for the first time. He got wondered about the respect and money he got from the public, hence he decided to wear the dress permanently.

He rented the Sub-Inspector uniform with stars with name batch Ashok Pandiyan, he made a cop haircut, he bought a Rs.30,000 worth bike for Rs.6,000 from a shop and stickered it with the word POLICE on the head light shield than he took residence in a mansion at Triplicane without paying the rent instead of money he used his police uniform to scare them away from asking him the rent.

He uses to get bribes from the small shops and from the couples in Beach. After witnessing huge sum of money as a bribe, he started to use the uniform to earn money in an illegal way.

The police report said Askok Pandiyan got trapped by the police department when two CRPF officers, fortunately, had an interaction with him in the mansion where he used to reside. The CRPF officials questioned him about his station and batch details and he answered them all, but the black sheep got trapped when the two officials questioned him about other officials in his workplace. Later Ashok was arrested by the original cops following the two officials informed the city police department about Ashok.

Reports from the officials state that Ashok watched every Tamil cop movies to get a real-time cop experience. The reason behind his hailing to Chennai is to become a cop.

First time ever Lotus bloomed over the Indian Eastern Hills

Atrocities of fake cop Ashok Pandiyan in Chennai.

First time ever Lotus bloomed over the Indian Eastern Hills

By fading out the two decades of Red, First time ever Lotus bloomed over the Indian Eastern Hills.

The BJP captured Tripura and running toward the winning part. The North Eastern States of the nation Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland have entered assembly polls in the last month. But Tripura that entered the polls on February 18 had posed for a unique curiosity because of the direct competition of BJP with the state ruling Left.

BJP directly signed in for 51 constituency and its allies signed in at 9 constituencies which were considered as one of the bravest moves of BJP in recent times at where the state which is constantly sustained under the rule of Leftist government for two decades.

The central ruling BJP lost the 2013 assembly of Tripura that even doesn’t cross the deposit votes but this election result shows up a complete variation when compared to 2013. BJP had seated up in almost 42 constituencies and the CPM scored only 16 of which were 49 in 2013.

Biplab Kumar of BJP succeeded Amal Chakraborty of CPM by more than 5,000 votes at Banamalipur of Tripura. The BJP supporters were already started to celebrate a historic victory.

Now the rule of the red flag is left only with Kerala. Tripura which is considered as the kingdom of Leftism is now eliminated from the chair. Tripura is recorded as the first state that holds Leftism run for more than two decades in India. Now the record has been broken down by the rightism.

Hindu Yuva Sena member arrested for Gauri Lankesh murder

By fading out the two decades of Red, First time ever Lotus bloomed over the Indian Eastern Hills

Hindu Yuva Sena member arrested for Gauri Lankesh murder

Hindu Yuva Sena member arrested for Gauri Lankesh murder.

The Special Investigation Team that investigating the Bangalore based journalist Gowry lankesh’s murder now stepped into a major breakthrough in the case. The SIT had arrested a 37 years old male in the Mandya district of Karnataka who is suspected for his connection in the brutal murder of Gowry lankesh.

Anucheth, chief officer of the SIT reported that the team had arrested the important suspect in the journalist murder and he has been presented before the magistrate of Bangalore Metropolitan and taken into custody for interrogation.

The chief officer continued that the suspect Naveen Kumar has been first marked by the crime branch on February 19 and later lifted up from the busiest bus station of Bangalore for possessing illegal arms. The SIT has ceased some Bullets from him that matches the kind of bullets that used for killing journalist Gowry lankesh. Naveen Kumar was a member of Hindu Yuva Seva, hailed from Birur of Chikmangalore district.

The officer said that fortunately, the SIT has entered in a major door of clues in the journalist’s murder. However, the suspicion may be confirmed only after the further interrogation with Naveen Kumar.

Gowry Lankesh, an active social worker apart from her profession as a journalist, popularly known for her boldness in speeches and her direct involvement in raising voice over any social unpleasantness. She was shot dead before her house by two unidentified mobs in September 2017.

The SIT chief Anucheth said the bullets that they ceased from the Naveen Kumar also matches with the bullets used for killing Prof. Kalburghi in 2015.

LKG Kid Drowned And Died In Septic Tank Of Chennai Private School

Hindu Yuva Sena member arrested for Gauri Lankesh murder.